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Ian Roberts has worked in the printing industry for 30 years, 14 of them for Associated Newspapers Ltd, He served a full indentured apprenticeship, moving to Crosfield Electronics in 1986 where he was a scanner/electronic page make up instructor.

Moving to Associated Newspapers in 1990, he was instrumental in the set up the Evening Standard’s move into desktop publishing and away from traditional high-end colour reproduction. Working in the pre-press side of the newspaper industry, he has been responsible for the implementation of a full electronic picture work flow, using various picture archive and picture desk applications for Associated Newspapers Ltd.

More recently working with iMedia advisory services part of IFRA, where he has advised several newspapers and magazine titles around the world, including:

Dogan Group Istanbul Turkey
Telegraph Media Group London United Kingdom
Irish Times Dublin Ireland
Sud Ouest Newspaper Group Bordeaux France
S3G real estate magazine Bordeaux France
S3H real estate magazine Marseille France

Ian currently lives in Bulgaria, and is happy to travel upon request.

Skills include: Print reproduction in all printing mediums.

Ian is now specialising in:

Pre-press workflow's, best practice, and system integration
Pre-Press Printing problems, diagnosis and cure
ICC colour management and ISO 12647 Including SNAP, PANPA, and most other world standards
Newspaper and Magazine Pre-Press workflow analysis
Training Workshops, tips and tricks to improve through put in reproduction
Evaluation and implementation of new products/technology

And is also familiar with the set up and workings of the following applications and software:

Adobe CS3 Product range. InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver
Quark Xpress (QPS)
PICDAR's Media Mogul (picture desk and content management systems)
AGFA Intellitune (Image production workflow)
Fotoware (picture desk and content management systems)
VIO (image and advert delivery systems)
Wam!Net (image and advert delivery systems)
An understanding of most RIP applications