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Environmental strategy

Colour Splash believes in maintaining the environment, and would like to think that we all can leave this planet to future generations in a better way than our fore fathers did. In order to provide its' customers with the highest quality workflow print solutions, Colour Splash advises the Newspaper printing industry on equipment, working practices and best environmental policy together with printing technology.

Colour Splash recognises the importance to printing and packaging companies of considering the environment at all stages of business planning, development, production and marketing, whilst continuing to produce high quality print workflow solutions to meet customers specification and satisfaction.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to pollution prevention and continual ongoing environmental improvements Colour Splash have implemented specific environmental objectives.

Adhering to a supply line with a commitment to ISO 14001, Colour Splash will also endeavor to:

    1. Advise clients to conserve energy use as far as is practicable.
    2. implement and recycle any equipment as far as it is practical.
    3. Reduce the use of solvents through the implementation of new efficient technology.
    4. Minimise waste, particularly during Report production. (encourage reading of PDF reports on PCs)
    5. Conserve natural resources used in manufacturing and despatch operations.
    6. Meet the “Duty of Care” requirements through the safe storage and disposal of waste.
    7. Maintain safe, clean working conditions in and around the offices.
    8. Operate in an environmentally responsible manner by communicating environmental best practice to all clients.
    9. Only use third parties who can demonstrate a commitment to ISO 14001.

 “Duty of Care” – what do you have to do?

The “Duty of Care” has no time limit. It extends till the waste has either been finally disposed of or fully recovered. The company must ensure that:

  • All waste is stored and disposed of responsibly;
  • Waste is only handled or dealt with by people or businesses that are authorised to do so;
  • Records are kept of all waste that is transferred or received for at least two years.

For UK companies at least…

All companies in the UK have a responsibility to:

  • Stop anyone storing, disposing of or recovering its waste unless they have an environmental permit (England and Wales), a waste management licence (Northern Ireland and Scotland), or an exemption. Check their permit, licence or exemption to make sure that they are within its conditions.
  • Package all waste materials appropriately and robustly to stop them escaping from the group’s, or anyone else’s, control.
  • Ensure that waste is only transferred to a person or business authorised to deal with the group’s particular type of waste.
  • Ensure that the waste being transferred is accompanied by a written description that will enable anyone receiving it to dispose of it or handle it safely and appropriately.


Your own country and situation may be different, but the advise from the UK is a good starting point.