Automatic Image/Advert Placement


Automatic Image/advert placement

Manually placing an image or an advert on a page can still lead to mistakes, how many times have you seen the same advert or even the same editorial image in the same edition of the paper.

Most current methods of advert placements do not give the flexibility that is required in order to receive an advert with only minutes to spare before production, or to move an advert to a more suitable position within editorial.

For example, you could have a story about an Air disaster running right next to an advert for an Airline. This example highlights why an advert should be placed on the page before editorial staff make up the page. And why a planning tool would help more accurately plan and move an advert in just such an event.

Colour Splash Recommendation
A planning tool would provide several advantages, which would be seen immediately:

  • Consistently named adverts;
  • Adverts can be moved around easily;
  • Adverts can be taken much later;
  • The advertising director/manager can see remotely, perhaps from home, if there are any issues and make or recommend changes;
  • The advert can be automatically placed without manual intervention;
  • The integrity of the Advert is ensured because this process only goes hand in hand with full electronic advert receiving;
  • All adverts will be of the same specification so error free;
  • Adverts are easily tracked and monitored by both Advertising and Editorial departments.

Some picture desks now allow for picture ordering, and the automatic placement of the picture once it has been corrected, back into the editorial page, this also allows the selection of a picture from a database to be unique.

In this situation a picture that has already been selected for use can easily be highlighted with warning flag so avoiding duplicates in that days publication.

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