Naming Conventions

Colour Splash has found on many occasions, in many organisations, newspapers/publishers, which have a non-standard naming convention for pages, images and adverts, This can significantly add to the time it takes to send a pages as confusion reigns.

There should always be a clear strategy in naming conventions.

Case Scenario

One particular customer had named a page incorrectly, which meant it was sent to the wrong site, it just so happened to be the front page, which included a regional price change. The problems that this naming issue caused, could have been avoided if a standard naming convention was adopted.

Subsequently the price was under its recommended value, and directly had an impact of the group’s shares as the group was assessed in that day of publication by its' countries stock exchange, in a scheduled six monthly review.

Colour Splash recommends the following:

A typical example of a naming convention for images could be as follows:

A relational database could be used to automatically generate a file name with out any additional overhead or work for the Layout Sub editor or designer.

Automatic file name generation 56_07_17:50_tt_spt_slugline_co
                                                            56                      =            page number
                                                            07                      =            date of publication
                                                            17:50                =            Time required
                                                            tt                        =            Newspaper title
                                                            tt1                      =            An other title
                                                            spt                     =            section (sport)
                                                            slugline            =            info pulled from original file
                                                            co                       =           cut out
                                                            bo                       =           bust out

The above should be open for discussion but should never impede or in any way delay the Sub Editor or Designer when they order pictures.

Colour Splash Recommends

Automatic file name generation as to avoid sub editors and colour production staff having to think about how to name files:

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