Oversized Adverts (supplied)

Advertising workflow wrong – over size adverts

Colour Splash has seen Adverts, which are specified and sold at one size (e.g. 5 column x 25 cm deep). But which come in with a larger size (e.g. 5 column x 30cm deep), these are a real headache for the production staff and cause many problems.

Upon receipt the over-size advert, the advertising team could have to try to accommodate the advert by attempting to fit it into another part of the paper, but if its close to deadline it could end up in the following day’s edition.

Colour Splash has seen on occasion that the advertising agency is charged for the increase in advert size area, but the revenue that the area could generate in the next day’s edition is lost because it has to run ‘for free’ (having been invoiced the day before).

There are several key points here:

  • If the advert was placed on the page BEFORE the page was designed, the advert could run even though it is over size, the revenue would still come in and the agency could still be invoiced for the oversized advert. Furthermore, there would be no adverse effect on space in the next day’s edition;
  • However, if the advert was in a full electronic workflow and came in 30-40 minutes before the sending of the page the advert would still show up as over size. But the editorial team would have time to sub content on the page to allow the advert to run “oversize” and be charged accordingly.
  • If it was decided that the story/stories were too important to sub-edit, then a decision could be made to drop the advert.

Primary objectives

The primary objective is to avoid problems causing a delay in sending any page. Any delays at the time of sending a page will have a knock on effect on the printing, distribution and ultimately impact on the sales of the newspaper.

Colour Splash Recommendation

Only a PDF format will ensure that you do not have problems with a page at the moment you send it.

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