Paper trail avoidance

Automatic flat plan creation. (see editorial and advertising scheduling)

Avoidance of paper trails

Even now some publishers will produce a flat plan of where adverts will be placed into the paper manually on a daily basis.

It can be reviewed several times during the morning and finalized early afternoon. But it is always in paper form, and manually delivered to all key areas with in the business. The flat plan may need to be changed later in the day. In this instance, the plan has to be printed out again and then walked around to all the relevant areas in the title. Not only is this a waste of paper and resources it leaves the newspaper open to mistakes when people are following older flat plans by mistake

Colour Splash Recommendation

Colour Splash always recommends that an automated flat plan tool, which can be tied into an editorial system, be used and at the click of a mouse all key areas within the newspaper can reveal the latest status.

An automated flat plan creation tool can be used to auto generate page file names avoiding confusion in this area as well.

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