Page Raster Image Processors (RIPS)
RIP Standardisation Scenario

Editorial and Advertising are running different RIPs in both software and hardware, editorials elements all ripped OK on their RIP, and Advertising material RIP'd fine on their RIP.

Now consider...

Its late and it's the set page going to the print site, and we are now going through a third different RIP. How quickly do you think a problem could be resolved if the page then flushed and would not send to the Press site?

Each area would have to delete an element off of its part of the page and re supply etc, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Colour Splash have seen in a couple of companies areas, which are using three different types of RIP, two versions of Harlequin and a version of Eagle, all running on different platforms.

Colour Splash Recommendation

As with the Hardware and software policy of standardisation, Colour Splash recommends that all RIPS be standardised across a Newspaper group, at least then when a page flushes the problem can be diagnosed much easier.


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