Editorial and Advertising Scheduling


Problem of 'No page schedule'

Without a page schedule, it is impossible to plan and understand how much time is left before the final deadline of the last page. Colour Splash has spoken to many editorial staff, and found the following:

Many senior Sub Editors expressed a preference for having the following information available to them:

  • What pages are at the print site?
  • What pages are in transmission?
  • How much time do I have for the pages left on the screen?
  • Can we adjust our working practice to allow us to go later on a page?
  • Or can we swap the set page for another, providing we manage the production times?

Colour Splash Recommendation

With out a page schedule, the above questions cannot be easily answered, because all areas are working blind without a page schedule. We would always recommend a page schedule even if it has to be that of a manually generated one.

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