Hardware & Software standardisation


Hardware & Software standardisation

Of all the areas Colour Splash has evaluated over the years, one of the greatest problems, which is possibly the easiest to sort, appears over and over again.

We have seen many newspaper publishers with different working areas that are running a variety of software and hardware, without a definite policy of upgrading the oldest equipment and cascading the oldest computers/software out of the working environment.

Any newspaper or magazine publisher would benefit from a policy document, outlining a minimum machine specification and a cascading strategy.

When production is the key and speed is of the essence, why give a top of the range specification personal computer to a secretary when they are only going to be using MS word.

There is normally a great diversity of hardware and software within any organisation, but in newspapers it can appear in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Editorial
  • Press room
  • Dispatch
  • Accounts
  • And general use PCs as used by PA’s and secretaries.

Colour Splash Recommendation

Colour Splash always recommends a company wide “cascade policy” which is very easy to set up, it saves money and avoids inconsistencies within the entire workflow. It can save money as the purchasing department has more bargaining power in buying more at one time, and not just purchasing individual items.

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