Bulgarian Magic Mountain



Question: How long will an initial evaluation take?

Answer: We can begin evaluation straight away, when ever you are ready, we have several documents which aid us in how we put together a quality audit, this can be sent to you via e-mail and the process can start. The more information you provide to us from our quality audit questionnaire the shorter the time on site.

An example of which can be found on document examples page.

Question: How can we start?

Answer: Agree to our terms and conditions and we can start straight away (see Fees and Confidentiality)

Question: Do you have an acceptance document?

Answer: Our acceptance document can be found on document examples page.

Question: What if Colour Splash get involved, and are not able to do all that we require?

Answer: Colour Splash has very many connections within the newspaper and magazine publishing industry, which we can call upon to get involved. This will only be done through prior arrangement with the client.

Question: What guarantee can Colour Splash give us, that they will not make changes and lose the company an edition of a newspaper or a page during production?

Answer: All new workflow's and any changes should be first agreed by the client, together with key personnel. Liaison to select the correct time to implement a change, and confirmation where possible that the change has worked on a back up server or service will be required by Colour Splash.

We recommend that any changes are also implemented using a change management control policy. Colour Splash will never make changes on live services, and will always ensure that there is a fall back position to re-instate any previous workflow.

Question: How can Colour Splash ensure that when they have finished on site, the work they have done can easily be altered to suite future operations?

Answer: Before leaving any site or company, Colour Splash will ensure that all changes and workflow's are documented, as we believe that documented workflow's are essential for running of any successful business.

A report example entitled "The importance of documented workflow's for Newspapers and Magazine publishers" can be found on document examples page.