Bulgarian Magic Mountain



Colour Splash will include the following text as part of any agreement.

Fees and Confidentiality

To deliver the identified elements of any proposal will we believe it will take so many days.

A discounted structure is in place for work that continues for more than 20 days. Details upon request.

This cost does not include travel and accommodation which will be charged at cost, and any prevailing taxes.

Company name will be invoiced for this work on a weekly basis, reflecting the related costs at that time. Elements that are excluded from the above proposal will be deducted. Any additions will be costed and proposed for approval before implementation. 

Colour Splash and its declared representatives undertake to ensure that all information about Company name that is in the ownership of the company will remain confidential. 

This includes textual and numeric information, intellectual property or any knowledge of the company’s past or current policies, strategies or operations, or future intentions.

No aspect of this information will be used beyond the scope of the project, without the written authorization by Company name.

Any information that would be deemed to be in the public arena will be recognized as such by both Colour Splash and by Company name.

All intellectual property, consulting or research methodologies provided by Colour Splash or its chosen source, remain the property of Colour Splash or that source, as designated.

Any other parties commissioned to work on this project will be required to give a written undertaking in respect of this confidentiality.

Colour Splash can not be held responsible or liable for any actions taken by Company name as a consequence of advice or analysis provide by Colour Splash.