Bulgarian Magic Mountain



Tips and tricks in to improve through put of production images

A one stop retouch
Utilising correct ICC Profile and monitor calibration
Colour Selective masking, and its uses
Colour Selection
Selective colour
Saturation & de-saturation
Save of RGB so users can re-utilise for later editions
Holding area for current edition material
RGB too CMYK change (very last before save)

Colour retouch check list spacer(See document examples)

Library Sequences
Library sequences to do repetitive work or frequently used commands within Photoshop.
1. Sharpening.
2. Mode change.
3. Save.

Creation of Cutouts using:
1. Pen tools
Freedom Pen Tool
Magnetic pen Tool
Regular cut out bezier curves.
Creating paths on a picture (tolerance) postscript points.
Flatness when saving.

2. Masks
Paint brush.
Lasso selection.
Straight line points.
Magnetic path tool (Back and Forth)
Magic wands.
Colour selection.
Inversion of masks (Back and Forth)
Line masks.
Combination together with selection tools.

3 Selection tools
Lasso tool.
Straight line points, using Option key
Magic wands (tolerance).
Selection tool (tolerance).
Image density difference (tolerance).
Colour density difference (tolerance).
Clever work around techniques
Creating a mask
inverting a selection.